I have been quoted as saying that the quote made popular by our economic downturn—“now more than ever,” has been overused, and I admit I may be included in that group of over-users. As sick of the economy as most people are, I do believe that we need “now more than ever” to slow down the pace of doing without thinking, waiting until the last minute, cramming to cram and all around failing to make the proper investments in doing things once as opposed to just doing them quickly and putting ourselves on a never-ending roller coaster of adjustments and course re-directs. Now, don’t get me wrong, no one has a crystal ball (or at least one that works) and I am a believer in trying, taking chances and making mistakes. But I don’t understand how, in a world where we cant afford to squander anything, not our resources, not our money, not our human capital, or our capacity to innovate, we continue to rush forward without proper planning (even if it is planning a risky scenario). I do believe that “now more than ever” the old adage: “there is always time to do it over, never time to do it right” should not be the norm. Our behaviors of instant gratification that have put the world in a state of economic crisis, put families out of work and people on the street needs to be curbed in order to bring about healing and (dare I say?) growth. Real investments in time, in relationships, in thought and implementation should be the modus operandi of the future. How difficult would it be?