The Core Nation has provided clients with the highest level of healthcare marketing services for 21 years. Most recently, the CoreNationRants blog has offered our readers industry insights from thought leaders at our agencies Core-Create and Brandkarma.

We recently consolidated the identity of these sister agencies and changed the company name to Brandkarma. So, it’s only fitting that we change the blog name to BrandkarmaRants.

How does the new name affect you? Not at all. BrandkarmaRants will continue to offer our readers engaging topics that serve to spark conversation. As medical marketers, we feel we can make a difference by reaching out and speaking to the issues in our industry. Through BrandkarmaRants, we’re creating a community for you and others to share our passion and beliefs. Together, we can impact the health of our people by bringing important medical topics to light. Check out our new rants about trends, technology, advancements, and audience behavior in the weeks to come.

To learn more about the new company name, visit us here.

Ken is a great deal more than just the president of a medical communications company. He is something of a hybrid. He’s part marketing manager, part creative director, and part copywriter. To the chagrin of his peers—but to the delight of his clients—Ken is a consummate perfectionist. As a former creative director for a high-end consumer agency, he challenged his creative teams to go beyond the mundane to produce work with real creative impact, something he’s just as fervent about today. From producing and directing TV commercials, to launching DTC and Rx-to-OTC switches, Ken brings his clients a world of experience in OTC pharmaceuticals as well as business, lifestyle, and high-end consumer products and services. Whether huddled with clients behind a mirror in a market research center in Houston, facilitating a strategic workshop in Madrid, or developing a global campaign either in the New Jersey or California office, Ken is always fully engaged, bringing “bestness” to all areas of his hectic but full life.